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Floating bi-terminated rock crystal.

10 x 4 x 3cm, 127g.

“Life force”


Soles of the feet together face to face (the feet resting on the ground on their outer side).

Psychic attention throughout the horizontal axis of the shoulders.


Position it perpendicularly in front of you, with its ends pointing towards the palms of the hands (as a general rule, points towards the left hand for right-handers and towards the right hand for left-handers. But some people do not humanly express their natural polarity, thank you to try both ways to find the one that suits you best).


Contract photo. You will receive exactly the mineral in the photo (unique piece).

This energized mineral is sold for €150 including tax.


Shipping within three working days.

National shipping for Austria costs 5€.

International shipping is done by post with tracking. Delivery takes a maximum of seven days (normally four to five). Its cost for this item is 17€.


In the event of grouped purchases with other products, the order module will automatically calculate a global shipping price for sending a package grouping all your purchases.

“Life force”

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