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Discover a new way to take full advantage of the beneficial energies of natural items (minerals and crystals, flower essences, essential oils, ...) with the Dynamic Base.


It is composed of three elements previously dynamized then assembled and dynamized again in order to constitute an optimal self-regenerating dynamic matrix:


- its support is an octagonal slate plate, 14 cm width and 1 cm thick, with 4 protective pads underneath. Due to its octagonal shape and the specific dynamization that it received, this slate plate manifests a vibrational space preserved from the surrounding influences and offering to multiply the energies of any object resting on it.


- at the centre lies an eight-pointed star made of rock crystal (usually called "merkaba") 2 cm wide, wrapped in soft paper. Its specific shape, enhanced by specific dynamisations, allows it to be a powerful engine of beneficial radiation (liberation, harmonisation and energy multiplication).


- this merkaba is inlaid in a low-density wooden puck 10 cm in diameter and 3 cm thick, with a hole in its upper centre so that the dynamics of the merkaba can be fully expressed towards the top. This piece of round wood acts as a resonance chamber for the dynamics of the slate plate and the merkaba, allowing any object placed on it to benefit from an expansion as well as a tenfold increase of its natural properties.


In addition to its multiple possibilities of use (see further down), the Dynamic Base was initially conceived to fully enjoy the natural benefits of minerals and crystals without having to touch them. This seems (in my perceptions) preponderant if one wants to respect the mineral in its reality as a living being. Each mineral manifests a planetary dynamic offered for our blossoming; possessing " the legitimate faculty of supporting a human being on their path of emancipation". In this sense, preserving it as alive as possible constitutes a basis for respectful evolution with it, and thus a source of exponential benefits for oneself. To do this, it would be advisable to keep it clean physically (cleaned and therefore used without touching it), energetically (freed from all the impulses; extraction, storage, bargaining, selling etc; that its journey to you may have encumbered) and from surrounding influences (leave it permanently in a black box so that it can best enjoy its own world of evolution between each use).


As such, Nature Dynamique offers a collection of energized minerals and crystals "ready to use", which have also benefited from specific dynamizations that increase their natural properties.


If you wish to use your own natural items (minerals, elixirs, oils, ...), you should first:


- clean them physically. Whether it is a mineral or a liquid in a bottle, clean the physical periphery of it with a neutral and not too aggressive natural alcohol (vodka for example).


- release them energetically. For this, even if the Dynamic Base will indeed help, the use of your smartphone equipped with a Dynamic Patch would be the best option for the first time using them.


The classic use of the dynamic base is to place it in front of you on a table and then place the natural article in the centre of its wooden puck. While seated, you can then place your hands on the sides of the dynamic base (without touching it - your hands can rest on the table) or even on top of it.

A specific way of inner communion during this practice will allow your humanity to benefit even more effectively from the properties of the natural object. A specific practise as such is thus proposed for each mineral sold by Nature Dynamique. In the user's manual delivered with the Dynamic Base, various possibilities are proposed so that you can try out for yourself and determine the inner communion that will best correspond to the personal use of each of your own natural objects.


The Dynamic Base is delivered in a black cardboard box.


The photo above is not contractual. The various elements of this system have been created individually and are therefore all different, even if similar in shape and size.


Choose your favorite item from our stock


It is sold for € 200 (all taxes included).


Dispatch within three working days.

National shipping with tracking (Austria) by post cost 6€.

International shipping by post requires a maximum of seven days (normally four to five). Its cost is 17€.


In case of multiple purchases along with other products, the website shop ordering system will automatically calculate a global shipping price for the sending of a parcel combining all the products purchased.


I don't have reseller.I am the designer and sole distributor of this dynamic product.

Dynamic Base

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