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This dynamic system for the car is composed of a 3cm cube of dynamized Shungite stone resting on a plate of the same nature.


This diagonally oriented cube generates a harmonizing waveform throughout the vehicle, converting the negative charges emitted by both the electrical and electromagnetic systems of the car, GPS and passenger smartphones into waves that are beneficial to the human condition.


With this system, you will no longer have to suffer the effects of the metallic resonance amplifying all forms of electrical and electromagnetic charges within the vehicle and you will be able to enjoy journeys that rejuvenate your body and mind.


It comes with a double-sided sticker (easily retractable) allowing you to fix it onto the dashboard or on the gear shift platform.


This system can also be used for the office. Placed at the foot of the computer screen, it will manifest harmonizing waves which will protect the person from the electrical and electromagnetic negativities generated by their computer.


The photo above is not contractual. The various elements of this system have been cut by hand and are therefore all different, even if similar in shape and size.


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The Dynamic System for Vehicule is sold for € 140 (all taxes included).


Dispatch within three working days.

National shipping (Austria) by post cost 6€.

International shipping by post takes a maximum of seven days (normally four to five). It costs 17€.


In case of multiple purchases along with other products, the website shop ordering system will automatically calculate a global shipping price for sending one parcel combining all the products purchased.


I don't have reseller.I am the designer and sole distributor of this dynamic product.

Dynamic System for Vehicle

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