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Nature Dynamique has been specializing for many years in the experimentation and design of instruments that reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic waves on human health.


Our new line of instruments provides effective and self-healing systems that not only neutralize electrical and electromagnetic charges, but also continuously work to convert them into vibrations that are beneficial to the human condition.


Through using these instruments, waves emitted by your communication devices will become a source of general well-being, strengthening your physiological and immune functions, as well as vitalizing your physical and psychic natures.


I am a self-taught practitioner of magnetism and energetics, specializing in psychosomatic and psychological disorders. As I have evolved, I have learnt from the elements of the surrounding nature to sense their benefits for the human condition and to "master" the dynamics of their expression in order to use them for the well-being of others.


All of the natural dynamics acquired in this way are conveyed through each of these instruments (see the "Dynamic Properties" page for more information). Along with their amalgamation into different vectors of expression, they are specifically calibrated to increase their assimilation by human nature ... and take advantage of the penetrating impulses of high frequency waves to reach the different webs and structures of the human being.


My priority has been to work on the level of electromagnetic waves because they constitute one of the biggest and most pervasive threats that our humans must face, continuously attacking our natural capacities of balance as well as blossoming.


It should be noted that the accepted standards for low and high frequency emissions are based on scientific findings concerning only the physical reactions of the human body, which are still highly controversial among scientists.


As for our living nature, its psycho-vibrational, psychosomatic and psychic structures (among others) remain much more sensitive to these constant vibrational aggressions.

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