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All Nature Dynamique products contain a self-healing amalgam of a multitude of dynamic components. 

Specifically designed to optimize the human condition as a whole, they are intended to provide each person with dynamics necessary for the stimulation, regeneration and development of one's natural faculties of growth. 

This "Dynamic Nature" animating the existence of each mankind, evolves according to the quality of expression of six main vectors:

three Essences: Life, Love and Wisdom.              three Matrix: Compassion, Spirituality and Void.

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Each article sold by Nature Dynamique (instruments and minerals) has undergone a rigorous multi-step development process in order to effectively and sustainably contribute to your well-being: 

- cleaning of each element with a natural dynamized liquid to free it from any "manufacturing or handling stain", 

- preliminary cycle "by hand" to put into it a range of natural dynamics to awaken the natural vitality of its material, 

- 12 to 24-hour cycle in a dynamic generator, of my own design, allowing to integrate a "complete amalgam of dynamics" up to the molecular evolutions of the material. 

- final cycle of a multitude of dynamizations "by hand" (between 15 and 40 depending on the type of article, carried out progressively one after the other), to develop the effects of the previous stage into self-healing dynamic vectors that are beneficial to human nature.


These six vectors of fulfilment (presented below) constitute the "natural base of living evolution" from which each of our humanities develops continuously via the physical, energetic and psychic dimensions and structures.

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