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Void Matrix

Perpetual source of the generation of the Whole, it manifests the field of evolution of the personal Cosmic Consciousness, constantly reminding the individual of his reason for being in incarnation. 

It is the dynamic Oil allowing the cogs of the human machine to function legitimately (= in accordance with its raison d'être) and governs the opportunities of path proposed to the person so that it can best develop his or her path of realization in Existence. 

It could therefore be the source of many ills that express to the person the inadequacy of his path / behavior / understanding with what it has come to express in this incarnation. 

Properties : Freedom and Legitimacy of Being, Preservation of Self 

Human systems: All 

The six faculties of harmonization and fulfilment of the human condition: 

        - Magnetism                        - Psychism 

        - Understanding                   - Realization 

- Compassion                        - Love

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