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Subscription terms

(the video player is accessible at the bottom of the page)


This Dynamic Video is available for monthly or quarterly rental, according to two formulas:

- individual subscription (for one person) at 40€ / month or 90€ / 3 months.

- multiple subscription (for a couple and their eventual children) at 50€ / month or 120€ / 3 months.

To access the dynamic benefits of this video, you will need to register as a member using the login button on the Video Player page or by clicking on the "view" icon in the video so that your registration form appears.

Your registration will only require you to provide your first and last name and your email address. Your personal data will not be used for any other services or transmitted to any third party. I do not carry out any information or advertising campaigns with my clients.

By registering, you do not become a member of any community. I do not write a blog and am not, for the moment, open to comments on this site. I am available via the contact form if you have any questions or remarks.

No member will have access to the profile and personal information of other members.

Your registration is only available to subscribe to the Dynamic Video. Its rental being payable by direct debit, you will have to enter your bank details in order to benefit from it. This financial step is made via a secured bank server through which I have and will never have access to your personal information.

The Video will be available for use as soon as you subscribe. The management of your subscription will be automatically carried out by the server of my website and its bank manager.

Once you have subscribed, you will be able to take full advantage of your subscription from the Video Player page. Once connected, you will be able to play the video directly (you can also constantly stay in log in to make it easier to play ...).

In addition, by clicking on the member login window, you can choose to visit your personal pages:

- your subscription page. By clicking on the arrow to the right of your subscription, you will get its details as well as the possibility to cancel it as soon as you wish.

Please note that no refund will be made if you cancel during a month of subscription.
- your payment method.

- your account and personal informations.

Honesty clause

The Dynamic Video service, as well as any content viewed through it, is reserved, depending on your subscription formula, for personal or family use only. It may not be used for commercial purposes or shared with others. During the term of your subscription, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access the Dynamic Video service and to freely view its content. Except for the foregoing, no right, title or interest is granted to you.

By subscribing to Dynamic Video, you explicitly agree to respect the non-transmission of your connection information to a third party and to not make any public projection.

In the event of abuse by a client, Nature Dynamique reserves the right to definitively cancel his right to subscribe.

There is software to pirate a video in order to be able to view it freely. Don't forget in this case that this Dynamic Video is not a simple film, but vibrates with a living legitimacy to become beneficial for others via the multiple natural dynamics that it conveys. This legitimacy will disappear in the face of dishonest intentions and, as you will be able to perceive it (or not), the energetical quality of this pirated video will in no way become beneficial.


Hubert Arquilliere

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