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Use of the Dynamic Video

The first step to use this video is to acquire a Dynamic Patch so that your smartphone can optimally benefit from the advantages of this video.

Of course, all the vitalizing and harmonizing faculties for foods and objects detailed in the Dynamic Patch page will be increased tenfold with this video...

Advice for use :

To simplify its use, display on your home screen a shortcut to the Video Player page ... From this single page, you will be able to both watch the video and manage your subscription (details on "subscription" page).

Your connection will normally always remain open, making it easier for you to use the video. However, due to the operation of the server, the connection may be interrupted. In this case, please log in again using your usual username and access code.

The classic use is to launch the video and :
- if you are standing/moving, carry your smartphone in a pocket, preferably a back pocket of your trousers, touch screen facing your body.
- if you are sitting, insert it against the centre of your lower back by wedging it with your trousers or dress, touch screen facing your body.
(To enable these uses, see the section "Touch screen lock" at the bottom of this page).

If possible, always position the smartphone aligned with your body = vertical in the direction from feet to head.

For those who jog or cycle, wearing such a smartphone during your activities will greatly enhance the ability of your human constitution to blossom. The best in this case would be to use a running armband or belt to carry your smartphone (preferably place it on the left arm with the armband or in the centre of the lower back with the belt).

Doing a stretching and/ or relaxation session afterwards with your smartphone (see recommended practices below) will also help your body to receive exponentially the benefits of your sport activity.

Specific uses:

For people who want to take time for themselves and with themselves, there are several basic practices that can be used (they are all to be performed with touch screen facing the body). Please make the most of this practice time by breathing 'serenely', exhaling with your mouth open to help eliminate stress and other 'disturbances'.

          One standing:

   a) legs parallel, smartphone in back pocket of trousers or stuck in the centre of your lower back with your trousers. Focus your attention on the soles of your feet and their contact with the floor.

This practice can be developed with stretching movements, which will be of great benefit and will help your whole body to regenerate / vitalise.

          Two seated (with the back "straight" and without contact with a chair back):

   b) legs parallel, smartphone placed in front of you on a table. Simply place your two hands 5-10 cm above it (without touching together) and focus your attention in your larynx.

   c) soles of the feet together facing each other (their outer sides resting on the floor), smartphone stuck in the centre of your lower back with your trousers. Palms resting on your thighs or knees (requires a lower seat than a chair ... the edge of a sofa for example) and focus your attention in your neck. Also works very well with a normal seat, hands resting on thighs.

          One lying down:

   d) legs parallel. Place your smartphone against the centre of your lower back (aligned with your body). Place the centre of your palms on the nipples of your breasts (manifesting a special connection with your whole humanity) and focus your attention in the back of your neck or larynx as you prefer.

.... And if you are already accustomed to wellness and personal development practices, don't hesitate to add your dynamic smartphone to them: you should quickly feel its exponential benefits!

The practices described above are theoretically suitable for everyone. It is up to you to use the one(s) that seem(s) most appropriate to your needs and feelings.

The complementary use of Dynamic Crystals will greatly enhance both your overall harmony and your living ability to receive the benefits of this video. By holding a crystal at the tips of the five fingers of each hand (and possibly a third under the perineum, which will increase your internal vitality), you will give your humanity the opportunity to take full advantage of this time of personal culture. Specially adapted for practices a) and c) described above.

Touch screen lock (for Android) :

To fully enjoy this video in the various ways suggested above, you should download the free Touch Blocker application from Google Play. Very simple to use, this free and ad-free application lets you temporarily disable your smartphone's touchscreen so that your video playback is not triggered by your movements and touching.
Its use is described once installed.
To use it :
- the default settings automatically set are all you need to use it properly.
- set the Video Player to full screen (there's no need to activate the automatic orientation function, as the video has been specially oriented vertically to take up the entire screen).
- then activate the Touch Blocker function by dragging the features from the top of your screen.

It may happen that the touch screen deactivation panel does not automatically appear on your video playback page when you drag the features from the top of your screen. If this happens, simply open the Touch Blocker application and close it again. It will then be active again.
Tip: place the Touch Blocker shortcut icon next to the Video Player icon on your home screen. You'll then be able to see straight away whether Touch Locker is activated or not, depending on whether or not its notification light is displayed on its icon.

Recommended settings for an efficient running of Touch Blocker

Touch screen lock (for iPhones) :

iPhones come with a built-in feature to disable the touch screen temporarily known as guided access. This feature allows you to disable certain areas of the screen and the lock buttons. Here's how to enable Guided Access on iPhone:

1.            Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Guided Access.

2.            Tap the Guided Access toggle to turn it on.

3.            After this click Access code settings to set a code to disable Guided Access.

You can also enable the Accessibility Shortcut to access this feature directly from the Home screen. Once Guided Access is enabled, here is how to use it:

1.            Open the application you want to pin and press the Home button three times to access Guided Access.

2.            Select the areas of the screen you want to disable (If you want to disable the whole touch screen, draw over the whole screen).

3.            After this tap Options in the bottom left corner to disable the buttons and tap Done.

4.            Finally, press Start at the top to activate guided access.

The disabled touchscreen will be greyed out and will not respond to touches. To disable guided access, press the Home button three times again and enter the passcode.

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