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Benefits of the Dynamic Video

As soon as this video is turned on, your smartphone will emit a whole amalgam of dynamics that will help to awaken your personal energy and thus enable you to enjoy a multitude of benefits adapted to your own needs. The dynamics conveyed by this video do not indeed bring you what they are, but work to the blossoming of your own frames and structures of personal expression.

Its primary vocation is to offer to every human constitution to evolve progressively towards an increase in its personal vital expression, so that it can become a natural vector of health and fulfilment.

Its recommended use is to position the smartphone (screen against the body) on your lower back, tucked into your trousers or dress and simply focus your attention on the centre of your neck (see the "use" page for further details and suggested practices).
With this basic posture, the multiple dynamics of the video can primarily nourish your existential foundation (the basis of the quality of individual vital energy, and a natural source of regeneration and serenity for the physical and psycho-vibratory bodies), which rests on several living webs and structures of which the lower abdomen and the lower back, via the perineum and the kidneys, are the motor centres.
In addition, focusing your attention on the centre of the neck naturally reconnects your psyche to your bodily humanity, allowing the dynamics of the video to work more limply to release the various stresses and 'polluting waves' that clutter up your free perception of yourself and the present moment.

All the dynamics conveyed by this video were progressively developed to enable human nature to express to the full the richness of fulfilment that lies within each of us. They offer the ability to liberate, regenerate and harmonise the various bodily, psycho-vibratory and psychic structures that carry our personal humanity into existence.

Taking time out for yourself is essential for both your balance and your enjoyment of life. By devoting 10 minutes to the use of this dynamic video, you will be offering your humanity a genuine energy regeneration session, the dynamics of which will continue to work for your well-being afterwards (see the "dynamic properties" page to understand its main vectors of expression).

The use of the Dynamic Video can thus allow the improvement or even the resolution of daily, occasional and/or regular inconveniences (headaches, stress, digestion problems, nausea, moodiness, emotional instability, psychosomatic pain, ...). Its dynamics will certainly work to develop the fluidity and efficiency of your physical, immune, mental and cognitive faculties.

This video is recommended for anyone over 14 years old. Its dynamics can indeed be an excellent support for the adolescent in his / her learning phase (school as well as self) and existential positioning (communal as well as professional).

This video lasts 10 minutes and that is more than enough time to use it. It is better to use it for the first few times for only 4 to 5 minutes. After that, its dynamics will continue to work on your development for at least half an hour, or even more than an hour, depending on the needs of your human nature. If you really want to improve your condition of existence, consider that taking advantage of the dynamics of this video once or twice a day will already be significant. And don't worry if you continue to carry your smartphone with you after the video is over: its patch continues to convert it into a source of dynamic benefits!

Please understand that the first uses of the Dynamic Video may cause you some feelings of fatigue. This will come from the impact of the dynamics in your living being, causing it to learn to manage itself differently. The increase of your faculty of personal expression will thus require your living being to work at your service to allow it, and the changes brought by these new internal dynamics will naturally tire your humanity. It would thus be advisable to carry out the first uses of the Dynamic Video at home, with calm, and to offer to you after the session a time of rest / relaxation to do nothing (half an hour / an hour). Once this "adaptation period" is over, you can use it at any time and in any situation of your life.

The dynamics of this video will also be effective in improving or even resolving colds, bacterial and viral infections. In this particular case, and only for occasional use, it can be used for children from 10 years old. Its only use at this age should be lying down with the smartphone applied under the centre of his/her lower back, aligned with his/her body, touch screen facing the skin (no need to worry about clothing, unless it is synthetic. In this case, apply the smartphone against the skin). However, please use it for only 4 to 5 minutes and no more than three times a day.

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