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Explanation of the Dynamic Video.

This video was conceived to accompany your daily life as well as your personal development time with dynamic amalgams elaborated specifically to fulfil the human condition.

The initial plan was to offer several videos, each specifically designed for a particular psycho-energetic need. However, experiments quickly showed that, given the complexity of human nature, it would be preferable to develop a single video manifesting all the dynamics that make up the natural blossoming of the human condition (according to my perceptions).

I am aware that the visual of this video may disturb, or at least question, many people. If its aspect would tend to make one think of some spiritual or magical practices, you should know that this is not the case. It was simply elaborated according to the means which appeared to me the most adequate so that it becomes an optimal dynamic instrument for each one.

Thus is explained on this page why I used a video / a mineral set / a vibratory drawing / candles.

Why a video?

Unlike a photograph which emits static radiation, a video dynamically transmits everything that happens during its making. The movement of the images allows the dynamics instilled in the instruments to remain alive and active throughout its viewing.

This video was specifically designed to be viewed from a smartphone with a Dynamic Patch, as it has already become an instrument of blooming generating beneficial waves for the human condition. Its radiant dynamics will then allow the dynamics properly manifested by the video to take advantage of the penetrating power of the electromagnetic waves to interact directly with the great majority of the living frames of your humanity and thus make them benefit from dynamic amalgams favourable to their natural and beneficial development.

Why the use of a mineral set?

I have worked as a stone and crystal wellness consultant for many years. In the natural environment offered by the terrestrial matrix, minerals and crystals are the most adequate elements to interact with the subtle wefts moving the living dynamics of humanity. Their vibrational frequencies interact directly with the physical and energetic webs of the human body, allowing their natural dynamics to bring their benefits to our emotional, mental and spiritual structures (among others).

Each mineral used in this video received a full dynamisation (see the Dynamic Properties page of the Nature Dynamique website) in order to express an optimal range of dynamics for the whole human condition.

However, each mineral is naturally limited in its beneficial expression by the nature of its mineral composition and the specificity of its own constitution. A mineral alone expresses a beneficial nature (if it is clean and able to express its dynamic nature freely) but can only be beneficial to certain living patterns and/or frequencies of the individual = those naturally resonating with its natural properties. If it can thus benefit them, it can also cause reactions or even imbalances in other living frames and/or frequencies to which its dynamic nature cannot access or does not correspond...

In order to offer a complete dynamic amalgam to the human condition, especially when it is not possible to use one or several minerals on oneself, it is appropriate to elaborate a mineral structure allowing to synchronize the expressions of each mineral so that a harmonious and beneficial global dynamic emerges.

Why a drawing under the mineral set?

If a mineral amalgam, when energetically synchronised, offers to enjoy a complete dynamic, its optimal use requires that it be configured into a specific expression = what it is intended to be used for.

To this end, I developed a computer drawing manifesting its expression in the living wholeness of the human condition = the amalgamation of its three fundamental realities from which naturally emerges that which ultimately defines who each of us is = our personal power of fulfilment and existential expression (what some call "Chi").

drawing video_edited.png

This trinity was manifested by the entanglement of three triangles:

- The Blue manifests the human individual inherited from our transgenerational lineages, which constitutes the vehicle of incarnation offered by the planetary matrix for us to enjoy our present existence. It manifests the Individuality, the living Self that constantly carries us along our path of existence.

This transgenerational heritage is an amalgam of expressive riches (both developed by our ancestors and inherent in what humanity has done with its condition of existence in the course of its evolution) and of evolutionary blockages (both generated by the errors and problems accumulated by our ancestor generations and by humanity as a whole).

- The Red manifests the reason for being in incarnation, inherited from the reincarnation processes that have allowed the emergence of our present existence. It manifests the Consciousness, the self-perception that shapes our ethical positioning in each of our thoughts and actions.

This "karmic" heritage is also an amalgam of richness of expression (developed during our previous lives) and of evolutionary blockages (generated by the errors and problems accumulated during our previous lives).

- The Yellow manifests their amalgam in what is ultimately most precious to us in this existence = oneself. A human being naturally endowed, because of the inheritances received from the two previous poles, with a multitude of dynamic conjunctions consecrating him in constant opportunity of evolutionary path as well as of creative faculties.

Each human being is thus the amalgam of a multitude of richnesses of expression as well as of evolutionary blockages, which naturally shape the primordial framework of manifestation of each moment of his existence, and this since his fertilisation. Each of us has thus developed in relation to this primordial amalgam, generating through our experience all sorts of imbalances as well as faculties that define what we are individually today.

The triangle was the most appropriate form to represent each of these realities because they manifest themselves in each human being via three specific seats inherent to all humanity.

This drawing was infused with specific energetic amalgams at the time of its computer conception and then putted into vibration once printed in order to constantly manifest the natural expression of these three constituent poles of all humanity. It remains, however, only a vibrational support allowing the mineral expression to be oriented towards what it is necessary for here = to work towards the blossoming of the human condition.

It is thus the dynamics conveyed by each mineral that will bring to the vibrational expressions of these three poles to be completed with liberating, harmonising and regenerating impulses.

Each triangle was thus adorned with the three minerals that best manifest the vibrational frequencies of its three seats. Sapphire, Apophylite and Almandine Garnet for the transgenerational reality. Kunzite, Phantom-Crystal and Ruby for the incarnational reality. Danburite, Lapis-Lazuli and Crystal with specific inclusions for the reality of the Self. In their centre is a large red Spinel crystal.Their mineral periphery is made up of four large black Tourmaline crystals and four clusters of rock crystals.

This manifested whole was then infused with particular dynamic amalgams so that it could become a living expression able of interacting directly with the entire human constitution. Its global expression naturally offers to the psycho-energetic structures of the person the possibility of overcoming the limitations and blockages manifested by its various heritages in order to progressively evolve in the unity of its primordial complementarities.

This will generate a dynamic blossoming of your naturalness of personal expression. You will then be able to benefit from an increase in your vital energy ("Chi"), which manifests in each person all the wealth of health, well-being and emancipation with which their personal humanity is naturally endowed.

Why candles?

First of all, nothing spiritual. On this subject, I would like to make it clear that I do not belong to any religious or spiritual movement. I am deeply self-taught. No incantation or other type of call to manifestation of any spirit or divinity was practiced before or during this video.

The candles mainly bring some light to this dynamic set. It was indeed essential that this video be made in the dark so that the minerals could evolve in the best possible conditions of expression.

Moreover, their flames endow the video set with a physical movement increasing its propensity to convey the dynamics.

The most important thing about these candles is their support, which are Dynamic Bases of my creation. Framing the central system, they preserve it from external influences and confine its vibrational expressions so that this dynamic set can express itself in an optimal way.

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