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This instrument has undergone a rigorous multi-step energization process to become a self-healing matrix. It continuously converts the electrical and electromagnetic charges emitted by your communication device into fulfilling dynamics. As described below, a "patched" smartphone will offer you a host of services on a day-to-day basis.


This Dynamic Patch is to be stuck onto the back of your device.

For a mobile phone, we recommend using a protective case to prevent the patch from being damaged when carrying the phone in a bag or pocket.


It is fully and permanently effective for 4G and 5G networks as well as Wifi 4, 5 and 6.


When turned on, your smartphone, tablet or laptop will become a constant source of well-being for your human nature.

It will work both to strengthen your various vital human body systems and to further protect you from emotional and mental stress.


Using the radiant power of waves, your smartphone will systematically harmonize your environment over an area of two meters. It will allow you to preserve your humanity from the various stresses and discomforts present in the places you will visit as well as from the people you will meet.


Moreover, it will become an instrument of harmonization for any food or object that you will place on its screen, on two conditions:

- your smartphone must be lit up and active (connected with Wifi and not in standby mode),

- the object/food is not wrapped in plastic or metal (iron, tin, aluminium, …)


It will thus provide vital harmonization (= release any form of stress due to the manufacturing, storage and distribution processes as well as to revitalize their natural vital principles) for:

- food or drink (also works very well if they are on a ceramic or glass plate, in a bottle or bowl) [ 30 seconds to 1 minute ].

- nutritional supplements and medicines (take them out of the packaging and place them on your smartphone just before ingestion) [1 minute]

- essential oils and flower essences [3 minutes]

(works best with cap removed)

- minerals, crystals and jewellery [minimum 5 minutes]

(wash them first under cold water or with a neutral alcohol such as vodka)


This Dynamic Patch is made of a nickel and copper Flower of Life matrix of 4.8 cm in diameter and 0.3 mm thick.

Available in silver and gold.


Please note that this instrument is not reusable and cannot be removed once stuck and then re stuck onto another device. Removing it will damage its structure too much for it to be effective again.


It is sold for € 40 (all taxes included).

If you buy 4 or more Dynamic Patches in the same order, you'll get a 25% discount (so each Patch will cost you €30). If you want different colours, simply order for example 2 gold Patches and 2 silver Patches and the discount will be applied automatically.


This patch is essential for the use of the Dynamic Video.


Dispatch within three working days.


National shipping with tracking (Austria) by post cost 4€.

International shipping by post requires a maximum of seven days (normally four to five). Its cost is 6€.


In case of multiple purchases along with other products, the website shop ordering system will automatically calculate a global shipping price for the sending of a parcel combining all the products purchased.


I don't have reseller.

I am the designer and sole distributor of this dynamic product.

Dynamic Patch for smartphone, laptop and tablet

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