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Spirituality Matrix

At the human level, it manifests the Feminine Aspect of Existence and governs the areas of evolution of the Psyche.

Constantly infused with the three primordial Essences and the Compassion Matrix, its nature realizes Humanity as the natural Vehicle of the Cosmic Consciousness that has enabled its creation. The natural evolution of the Self allows the emergence of an Ego legitimately dedicated to the expression of its reason for being in Existence. Now connected to the Whole, the individual accesses the dimensions of the Spirit, a vehicule unifying the needs of one' s Compassion Matrix and the understandings of one' s Cosmic Consciousness in order to generate one' s personal spirituality.

Properties: To evolve according to one's own legitimate understandings.

Human systems: Endocrine and Digestive.

Faculty of Self-Fulfilment.

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