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The vast majority of the minerals proposed to you have been chosen for their particular energetical quality. They have each received a complete Nature Dynamique energization (see page "Dynamic Properties"), offering them a tenfold increase in their natural properties as well as an increased assimilation of their benefits by human nature.

Their respective prices depend on the quality of the mineral (and therefore its purchase price) and its size (which influences the time it takes to clean and dynamise it), to which is added a fixed amount for its complete dynamisation and the determination of its natural frequency of expression.

Each of these minerals has thus become self-regenerating and requires no particular maintenance. It is delivered clean of any imprint: for its optimal use, it is advised never to touch it with bare fingers, in order to preserve free its peripheral dimension of expression. Each mineral is delivered wrapped in soft paper tissue in a white cotton bag, so you can use it without touching it directly, as well as in a black cardboard box where you should leave it when not in use.

Each mineral is presented by several photos, its dimensions, its weight, as well as the "psycho-energetic frequency" it manifests in contribution to the human condition. I don't dwell on the specific virtues of each mineral's constitution, which are advocated in lithotherapy, as they are available on other sites or books.

I also propose for each mineral a basic practice that will allow your humanity to effectively receive its benefits. Each of these practices is based on sitting on a chair (optimally sitting facing North for a woman, facing South for a man ... your back not resting against the back of the chair) with the mineral (in its cotton bag) held in front of you with both hands. Of course, each practice is only a suggestion... The practice specifications that seem to me to be the most adequate for each of these minerals are indicated: they concern the positioning of the feet (flat on the floor or soles of the feet against each other) and a place within oneself to focus one's attention.

Fulfilling pleasures

Hubert Arquillière

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