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The Shungite stone is known for its natural properties of reducing the negative charges carried by electric and electromagnetic waves. The two plates composing this dynamic system have been enriched by multiple dynamization processes. They will work in synergy to continually convert the high frequency waves generated by your wifi box into waves that will enrich the entire home/ living space.


These two self-adhesive plates of dynamized Shungite stone measure approx. 3 by 4 cm and are 2 to 3 mm thick.


It is intended for each one to be glued to the centre of the two largest faces of the wifi box, even if they are composed of ventilation grids.


Note that in the case of replacing your wifi box, this instrument can be easily removed. It’s possible to simply apply a new double-sided tape to the instrument so that it can be stuck to the new box and be effective again.


This dynamic system is fully and permanently effective for 4G and 5G networks as well as Wifi 4, 5 and 6.


In the case of a 5G installation with an external antenna, it will be necessary, due to the intensity of the waves, to add a Dynamic system for Electric Meter to the back of the exterior antenna. 


The photo above is not contractual. The various elements of this system have been cut by hand and are all different, even if similar in shape and size.


It is sold for € 80 (all taxes included).


Dispatch within three working days.

National shipping with tracking (Austria) by post cost 4€.

International shipping by post requires a maximum of seven days (normally four to five). Its cost is 10€.


In case of multiple purchases along with other products, the website shop ordering system will automatically calculate a global shipping price for the sending of a parcel combining all the products purchased.


I don't have reseller.

I am the designer and sole distributor of this dynamic product.

Dynamic System for Wifi box

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