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This system is composed of two plates of dynamized Shungite stone, specifically calibrated in width to be stuck vertically on each side of your electric meter (delivered with two pairs of specific adhesives).


Each Shungite plate measures between 8 and 11 cm in length, between 5.5 and 6.5 cm wide, with an average thickness of 1 cm and a weight ranging from 90 to 120 g.


The Shungite stone is known for its natural properties of reducing the negative charges carried by the electric and electromagnetic waves. Because of the various processes of dynamization from which they have benefitted, these two plates (each one placed on the sides of the electric meter) will work in synergy to continuously convert the electric and electromagnetic emissions of the meter, as well as of the whole electrical network of the house, into waves that are beneficial to the human condition.


This system is therefore perfectly suited to Linky meters.


Your electric meter will no longer be a "destabilizing vibratory abyss" (which sometimes radiates over several meters). Your home will no longer suffer from the nuisance caused by the wiring within its walls and your electrical outlets (as well as the devices connected to them) will emit waves that are beneficial to your well-being.


The photo above is not contractual. The various elements of this system have been cut by hand and are therefore all different, even if similar in shape and size.


The Dynamic System for Electric meter is sold for € 120 (all taxes included).


Dispatch within three working days.

National shipping with tracking (Austria) by post cost 6€.

International shipping by post requires a maximum of seven days (normally four to five). It costs 17€.


In case of multiple purchases along with other products, the website shop ordering system will automatically calculate a global shipping price for sending one parcel combining all the products purchased.


I don't have reseller.

I am the designer and sole distributor of this dynamic product.

Dynamic System for Electric meter

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