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Support voucher:


Thank you for using Dynamic Video daily for at least a week before considering purchasing a Support Voucher.

An energetician for more than ten years, I have developed the ability to perceive and intervene remotely to make my contribution to the alleviation or even the resolution of existential problems of the person (depression, behavioral problems, imbalance of evolution, recurring pain or discomfort, psychosomatic and physical illness, etc.) as well as supporting them in their individual development.

I am self-taught and do not belong to any spiritual or religious movement.

Due to the emergence of Dynamic Video, which allows everyone to receive in a very effective way the vast majority of the dynamics that I use to help the person, I now offer a Support Voucher solely dedicated to perfecting the use of Dynamic Video by the person by determining the best way that would suit them to use it. This will lead to the development of a practice specifically adapted to the needs of one's humanity, very often with a mental frequency to be cultivated in a specific seat of one's living humanity.

Once purchased, your Support Voucher can only be used after contacting me via the contact form on this site so that we can determine together the date that will generally suit us best to start it. Please provide me with your name, first name, date of birth and telephone number, and provide me with authorization to consult you remotely within the unique framework of this Support Voucher. During the use of a Voucher, we will preferably communicate by Whatsapp, Signal or Messenger… most of the time by written messages but also by telephone and video call if necessary.

Each person vibrates at a specific frequency. By connecting to her frequency (which I obtain naturally when she contacts me and gives me permission to consult her... because everything we do and express bears our vibrational imprint), I can perceive in various ways (sensations , vision, discussion with internal and external Consciousnesses, guidance) the state of his humanity in correspondence with the dynamics conveyed by the Video and thus determine in what way it would best suit him to use it.

This Video Support Voucher is sold at a fixed price and is non-refundable, except in cases of force majeure. It lasts two days, in principle available 7 days a week. It requires the person to have time available to practice, to be "constantly" in contact with me as well as to make one or two appointments. you remotely so that I can assess the impact of the specific practice on their lifetime and, if necessary, make it evolve so that it optimally responds to the present needs of their humanity. Typically, determining this personal practice will take a day. The person will then have to practice it daily for a period of time that I determine (3 to 10 days in general) and we will make an appointment for a second day so that I can then evaluate its impact and develop it further so that it becomes the optimal practice that you can personally use in the long term.

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